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No settlement reached yet between WVU, Big East

Posted on: February 9, 2012 12:38 pm

Nothing has been resolved between the Big East Conference and West Virginia, a court spokesperson said Thursday morning. 

A Rhode Island judge had previously ordered the parties into non-binding mediation with a Thursday deadline.

“The matter is continued to an unspecified date for another status conference,” Assistant State Court Administrator Craig Berke said in a statement.

Berke said it appears the case “continues on a path toward trial, though Judge Silverstein is certainly open to news of a settlement if that happens in the interim.”

Berke added the judge did not disclose any more information regarding his discussions with attorneys this morning. 

College football industry sources told that West Virginia and the Big East were nearing a settlement that could be worth $20 million. It’s unknown if that figure includes the $5 million exit fee West Virginia already has paid.

West Virginia officials also have contacted future Big East members to see if one could join in 2012 instead of 2013, sources said. The reason would be to reduce the damages the conference could claim against the Mountaineers by leaving two years earlier than required by the league’s by-laws. 

On Wednesday, Big East commissioner John Marinatto would not comment on how soon the league’s issues with West Virginia would be resolved.

The Mountaineers have said they will not honor the league’s 27-month exit agreement and join the Big 12 this fall. The Big 12 has forwarded its 2012 football schedule, with West Virginia on it, to its television partners. As of Thursday morning, however, the Big 12 still had yet to release its football schedule to the public.

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Posted on: February 10, 2012 9:27 am

No settlement reached yet between WVU, Big East

 the big loser (in this case) is WV
LOL, thanks for starting my day off with a laugh.  We lose??  Reports are that since the BE already owes us around $6MM for delivering another BCS win and the money we already paid along with what the Big 12 is reportedly kicking in, our balance is around $3MM.  We will make $15-$20MM next year alone in the Big 12!!!  Please tell me how I can "lose" more things like that?  We are off to a much better conference for football and a very strong basketball conference with the likes of Kansas, Baylor, KSU and Texas just to name a few.  This is awesome news for WVU, the BE gets a nice chunk of money, and we all move on.  Sounds like a Win/Win to me.

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Posted on: February 10, 2012 8:58 am

No settlement reached yet between WVU, Big East

...and I just read a SETTLEMENT has been reached. As stated, if the BE held firm they could battle this in court and WV will pay more than they wanted to escape the BE. Those Mountaineers who seem to think they "won" ...sorry, that just aint the case now is it? Did the BE win? oh, hell no! But WV was gone no matter what so with that in mind, the big loser (in this case) is WV. The big loser in the overall picture is of course the Big East and their crumbling conference. Boise?? ..really? Navy?? ...really?

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Posted on: February 10, 2012 8:51 am

No settlement reached yet between WVU, Big East

Wow, to some here it would seem contractual obligations would mean nothing? The best case for this going West Virginia's way is the case that the BE did not do anything to get their football program back up to snuff after Va Tech, Miami and BC left. But here's the problem there, they HAVE taken steps! Louisville and Cinicinnati were added, Boise, is coming,  SDST is coming, TCU was set (then after WV said they were leaving, TCU changed their minds). Uconn, Rutgers and South Florida have since made giant strides in their programs as well. Is it the best conference in the land? of course not but it never was! For WV to prove such a position in court is laughable! They will pay if the BE holds their position. The issue with the new Big12 schedule being out means nothing at all, that's not the way you get out of a contract and the courts will not care the slightest about that now will they?

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Posted on: February 9, 2012 8:57 pm

No settlement reached yet between WVU, Big East

JoMtneer, the only problem with firing Marinara sauce is that it doesn't do anything for the real issue behind the conference troubles.  We all know it, the basketball schools wield too much power.  I really don't see that as Marinara sauce's fault, he's a victim in that regard too.  Sure, he's sat on his laurels when he was supposed to be working, but when he did do his job the hoops bros derailed what little effort he made.  The only thing that will solve the BE's troubles is splitting the conference and football going it's own way, far, far, FAR from the hoops schools.

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Posted on: February 9, 2012 5:29 pm

No settlement reached yet between WVU, Big East

Note to the "reformed Big East" membership.  Your first order of business should be to fire this ass-hat of a commissioner.  Much as I hate to see him go, Oliver Luck would run the conference like it needs to be run, without the cow-towing to the Catholic basketball schools.  I doubt Luck would leave WVU to do that, but he'd be the caliber of man you would need, a guy with guts and the pedigree to run the conference. Not sit and suck his thumb and whine like the two year old man child Marinnato.  Unless you want to see more drama episodes like this when other pillage you, schools like Notre lame get preferential treatment, and you are outvoted by the basketball schools, make the change now. Look for Cuse and sPitt to start their bail out now effort soon, and Louisville and Cincinatti are shopping themselves out to other conferences big time, you can count on that.

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Posted on: February 9, 2012 5:21 pm

No settlement reached yet between WVU, Big East

Where is Buford? Banned Sleepy?  The rest of the haters? All you sad saps that said "WVU will never be allowed to leave".  I bet not one of the idiots who've posted over the last few months that this settlement would never happen have the sack to come on here and publicly say they were wrong.  But, like I've said before, their opinions don't matter.  See ya in the Big 12....punks!

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Posted on: February 9, 2012 5:17 pm

No settlement reached yet between WVU, Big East

It is time for the Governor of West Virginia to pull out the ace in the hole, declare the state university for what it is (a subset, or division of the state itself), force the legal actions against it in the state of Rhode Island to desist, and force the Big East to seek whatever recourse they seem appropriate through the only venue that is legal in West Virginia.  That legal recourse is within the court system of West Virgiinia.  Let Marinatto sponge bathe from the cesspool of his own existence.  He could have easily gotten 2, or 4, of his new babies to join the league in 2012 for scheduling purposes.  (Do you think that if Memphis were given the option of joining the Big East for 2012, or else, they would not have done it?)  Marinatto.  The Big East could have advanced the newcomers 5 million each (20 million total) and paid for it through the 30-45 million he would have gotten from Pitt, Syracuse, and WVU.  In a true American sense where CEOs and often paid more for failure than success, he could have even justified his "bonus".

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Posted on: February 9, 2012 5:12 pm

No settlement reached yet between WVU, Big East

20 minutes ago - by Patrick Southern - 
The Big East has agreed to a settlement proposed by WVU, according to the Charleston (W.Va.) Daily Mail, which cited an anonymous source. The two sides have been enjoined in cases in West Virginia and Rhode Island courts. WVU hopes to circumvent the league’s typical 27-month waiting period to leave for the Big 12 in 2012-13.  
OK Bee-otches, let's here all the haters complain about WVU not living up to their contract.  Whatever, see ya, have fun in conference USA 2.0 aka The Big East.

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Posted on: February 9, 2012 4:38 pm

No settlement reached yet between WVU, Big East

West Virginia signed a contract and was all too willing to enforce it on Cuse and Pitt. They are being hypocrites. So there is a 5 million exit fee for leaving in 27 months since WV is breaking the contract two years earlier they should pay for each year. In the first year if no one joins to replace them

LOL!!..I keep reading this shizza...that West Virginia are hypocites etc...or look bad by the way they are handling things...whatever!!...

This is arse backwards...West Virginia has never once said they wanted to leave the Big East Conference!!.....not until the ACC RAIDED THE CONFERENCE taking...Syracuse and PITT..

West Virginia did EXACTLY what RUTGERS, LOUISVILLE, CINNCINNATI and UCONN did by trying to and as we all would do as Stewards of the Schools and fight for self West Virginia's case they were the one's accepted by another conference...for now..look for those schools to eject as soon as they can...

THIS is the ACC's doing...they perpetuated the situation...but yet sit in the back ground ducking for cover while West Virginia looks like the "Bad Guy"

...and throw the Marinatto and the Big East on the shizza pile as well...the football schools have had an unbalanced schedule since the first raid....and he sat on his arse since then doing nothing...its amazing now with the house totally coming down he is able to find 6 schools to join the conference....

If he had done this 5 years ago...this would not even be a discussion today....

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Posted on: February 9, 2012 4:34 pm

No settlement reached yet between WVU, Big East

cubanbull - if West Virginia signed a contract stating 27 months - could you please produce such a contract?  if noo, please do not keep repeatign factually incorrect stateemnts you have heard elsewhere.  There is no signed contract that WVU or any other BE member signed agreeign to 27 months.  Teh only place 27 months is mentioned is in the BE bylaws that are voted on not signed as a contract.

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