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AD proposes minor bowls moved on campus in '14

Posted on: January 30, 2012 3:28 pm
Edited on: January 30, 2012 3:34 pm
Last week, exposed the declining bowl attendance and also reported there is “growing support” to increase bowl eligibility to seven victories in 2014, when the new BCS cycle begins.

One athletic director I spoke with had a unique idea: suggesting only the best 16 bowl games should remain with the remaining “bowl games” held on campuses of the remaining bowl eligible teams – whether six or seven wins is required for bowl eligibility.

“Declining attendance and the huge hidden costs of ticket ‘guarantees’ make most bowl trips a losing proposition for all involved,” said the athletic director, who spoke to on the condition of anonymity. “Institutions and fans are beginning to say ‘uncle’ since they can’t afford to support those bowls in the current economy.”

Under the AD’s scenario, once the 16 premier bowls are filled, every team that is bowl eligible would participate in an on-campus bowl game. If there is an odd number of teams that qualify, the lowest ranked team, based on the BCS rankings, would not play in an on-campus bowl game, but still would be allowed to conduct December practices like the other bowl teams.

“Most bowl ‘functions’ are for local public relations and sponsors and simply another public appearance ‘duty’ for the players and coaches involved,” the AD said. “They have no real interest in dressing up and going to luncheons and dinners or even to events where they are expected to mingle with the opposing players. They would much rather spend their free time visiting with family members or teammates’ families or doing the things college kids do.”

Also, the AD proposed that all teams that qualified for a bowl would receive the same bowl “loot” – i.e. bowl gifts – paid out of a central pool of funds from the BCS bowls or another source so that each student-athlete was treated the same.

The AD said having bowl games on campus would eliminate the huge amount of money lost on the “secondary” bowl games and provide the best opportunity for the games to have better attendance. “Currently (the attendance at) many bowls are an embarrassment that indicates to players and fans there is no interest in the game,” he said.

By holding the “secondary” bowl games on campus, it would provide a flexible system that can adjust to whether there are 62 or 74 bowl eligible teams. “Many of these (secondary) bowls are owned by ESPN,” he said. “So it should not make much difference where they are played.”

I’m not sure how many schools would be prepared, or want to, hold bowl games on campus when their school is on holiday break. I also doubt the attendance would match a regular season conference game, but it’s better than the alternative, according to the AD.

“To be honest, some of the bowl sites are just not attractive for teams,” he said. “At least at (the campus) sites, there is a good chance for some excitement surrounding the game. Some of the stadiums (for bowls) are not used regularly whereas a home (campus) site has hosted five or six games already that year and would be able to provide things like decent locker rooms."

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AD proposes minor bowls moved on campus in '14

Cut the nnsense! did no such thing suc as "expose" the declining bowl attendance, so don't take credit for what camera work and game day statisitcs did.  Anyone who watched the bowl season this year was able to see for themselves that there were empty seatsand there were reports in the media about the slow ticket sales for certain BCS matchups.  It seems like the BCS masters guessed wrong on what would/wouldn't be hot sales and they'll be hearing about it for a long time, I'm sure.   Te idea of moving the meaningless games to campuas is just idiotic in that it is again aimed solely at ticket sales.  If it is to happen, there must still be a reduction in the number of meaningless games.  Mediocrity still should not rewarded, even if the staium is full of die-hard fans.  And I include my own alma mater, the University of Florida, in that number.  At 6-6 this year, there is no way that the Gators should have been rewarded with a bowl game, whether it would have occurred in Gainesville or elsewhere.   

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AD proposes minor bowls moved on campus in '14

The first and biggest problem with the college footbal (BCS level) bowl games is the timing of the games.  This last week collegiate teams were playing up to December third, then had a selection Sunday on December fourth, and allowed their fans less than two weeks to drop everything and comitt to travel, in some cases less than two weeks away.  Note to the NCAA, most of the fans work for a living, and giving a two week or less notice is not always feasible.  Set a deadline for teams, conference championship games and or any other games must be played by the last weekend in November.  And then, do not schedule any games prior to December 20th!

Dealing with the dates of the games, with the possible exception of a game in Hawaii, no games should be played on December 24th or Christmas, or even the first two or three days after Christmas.  I realize these are slow days for the hospitality industry, so they want crowds to fill their hotels then, but most families are celebrating the Holidays.  Get real!  The Holidays are time for the families.

No oversight by the NCAA or poor planning by the local bowl commissions.  If you schedule a meaningless game to far from both teams, with the short notices given, that is a sure disaster before the game is even played.  If you schedule a third place team from the current Big East versus a third place team from the ACC in a bowl game in Los Angeles, even with the good weather in Los Angeles and all of the famed amusement parks and entertainment industry for side shows, you are going to have a poorly attended game.  The NCAA has to accept a certain realization, fans are not going to pack up and travel en mass for a meaningless game during that time of year.  In the same hypothetical game, if played somewhere like the RFK Stadium would probably attract a decent crowd.  Louisiana-Lafayette brought a decent crowd to the Superdome, the travelling team did not.  Neither Louisiana Tech nor TCU brought the crowds to San Diego on a two week notice, but the planners for that bowl game seemed to have forgotten that the TCU fans came to San Diego earlier in the season.  I would bet that the Mercedes-Benz Superdome would have been rocking if Louisian-Lafayette (Sun Belt) and Louisiana Tech (WAC) would have faced each other there.  The Independence Bowl may have sold 40,000 tickets, but those watching it would guess more like 10,000 were in attendance.  I bet a game in Shreveport could have been exciting if they hosted TCU against Southern Mississippi, but the bowl commissions and their big dreams with no oversight from the NCAA can't seem to figure that out.

In summary, schedule the bowl games with a miniumu of three weeks notice to the fans so they can plan for a trip.  Do not interupt the families needs to be together for the Holidays.  Outside of the BCS games, try to set up games with some regional appeal.

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AD proposes minor bowls moved on campus in '14

This is a good idea. Some of these bowls are so ridiculously boring there is no draw other than one more game to play. Do we really need three bowl games in New Orleans' Dinosaur Dome and two in Orlando's decrepit stadium? Even the Poinsettia Bowl in San Diego only drew 24,607.

What school would not jump at the chance to play in some historic stadiums like Bryant-Denny, Tiger Stadium or Darrell Royal and not have to get the crud kicked out of them by Alabama, LSU or Texas?

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AD proposes minor bowls moved on campus in '14

Sounds like a good idea to me.  Early rounds of NIT basketball games are played on the home court of the higher seed.  As a Rutgers fan, I'm no stranger to seeing my team in lesser bowl games.  Though I am a season ticket holder, I did not travel to Tampa, Toronto or Birmingham.  But if any of those games were home games, I would have undoubtedly been there. 

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AD proposes minor bowls moved on campus in '14

Everyone on these message boards has expressed what we would like to see...but what we would like to see, doesn't generate the most money. Therefore, we're not going to see it happen. I kinda like the idea of some "on campus" bowl games. There are several questions that have to be answered, but I think it could work. When we're looking for something better, sometimes we have to settle for what we can get? Personally, I think there are too many bowl games. The adventure will be getting all the people in the room to agree on something. It's much easier to get poor people to compromise than it is to get rich people to compromise.

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AD proposes minor bowls moved on campus in '14

For the idea of the "lesser bowls" .How about the teams that do  not have on campus stadiums ?  What or who determines the Home team for the bowl ? Who is going sponser the home field bowl game or to say,to pay the bills ? . Who/which media is going to cover the so called "lesser" bowls ?
     And for the so called "major Bowls".  What is going to be the qualifications ?, BCS factor? Media darlings (espn) ?
Sounds like B.u.l.l. S.h.i.t.!   Just another way for the Haves to further put the f.u.c.k. to the have nots . 

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AD proposes minor bowls moved on campus in '14

I guess it's something to think about.

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