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Boise, 3 more could get Big East invite next week

Posted on: October 14, 2011 1:58 pm
Edited on: October 14, 2011 7:11 pm
Once divided on whether to invite Boise State, the Big East is now united on extending an invitation to the Broncos, along with Air Force, Navy and UCF, college football industry sources told

Boise State, Air Force and UCF have indicated they are receptive to joining the Big East. Navy is prepared to also commit once a higher exit fee has been established, sources said. The official invitations to UCF, Boise State, Air Force and Navy could be extended as early as next week. 

Big East representatives, including Commissioner John Marinatto, met with UCF officials Friday in Cincinnati. On Thursday, Boise State and a Big East representative spoke via telephone about the Broncos joining the Big East.

Mountain West commissioner Craig Thompson and C-USA commissioner Britton Banowsky confirmed Friday that Boise State, Air Force and UCF have had contact with the Big East.

On Sunday or Monday the Big East's presidents and chancellors are expected to vote and approve an increased exit fee of at least $10 million for football members. That’s double the current amount ($5 million), but less than what Marinatto proposed in an Oct. 2 meeting. In that meeting there were discussions to increase the exit fee to “150 percent of the gross revenues received by a departing team in its final year in the league,” according to league documents obtained by 

That figure would have been between $12 million and $15 million.

The addition of Boise State would be significant in helping the Big East retain its status as an automatic qualifying BCS league when the new BCS cycle begins in 2014.

The Broncos, ranked No. 5 in this week's AP poll, are among college football's winningest programs, with a 71-5 record since 2006.

"I believe Boise and Air Force are gone [to the Big East]," a source familiar with the Mountain West told's Dennis Dodd.

With the expected addition of Boise State, Air Force, Navy and UCF and the defections of TCU, Pittsburgh and Syracuse, that would leave the football membership at 10 schools, two shy of the 12 members the league said on Monday it was seeking.

Houston, SMU and Temple are being considered for the final two spots. However, one source said Houston and SMU are expected to get the final two spots because of Villanova’s concerns about adding Temple into the league.

Boise State, Air Force and Navy would join as football-only members. UCF, Houston and SMU would join as full members. Thompson, of the Mountain West, said that Boise State and Air Force would not be allowed to keep its non-football schools in the Mountain West if they left for the Big East.

The Mountain West source also told that the addition of Boise State, Air Force, Navy and UCF are, in terms of market, TV and football value, would be at least even with Syracuse, Pittsburgh and TCU.

A BCS source said the Big East has been given no sign from BCS officials that adding those teams would help it keep its automatic bid.

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Posted on: October 27, 2011 8:33 pm

Boise, 3 more could get Big East invite next week

The exclusion of Temple from this mix is unexusable. The Owls in hoops are a long time top 30 program and would add value to the Big East. The football team has beat on the Big East champs of last year CT , and also the year before.
They  also have an impressive win this year against MD. Then what could be the problem?
Nova and the rest of the Catholic schools who play hoops in the Big East.
  1. NOVA has an entirely different recruiting footprint then the Owls. Wright recruits Northern NJ and NYC. When was the last time 
      Temple recruited a stud hoops player from that area. So the NOVA complaint of splitting the Philly market for recruits really has
      no validity
  2. NOVA wanting entry into the Big East ?  Thety had their chance and couldn't make their mind  up. Temple was even willing to 
      to allow the Wildcats to play at the Linc, which would have helped NOVA, yet the Cat's formed a coalition of the Catholic teams
      who play hoops to block Temple from not just all access for every team to play in the league, but also to band together and
;stop them from being a football member only
  3. Temple football is similiar in many ways to a once down and out Houston program which is being invited with open arms to play
  4. SMU and their history speak for themselves, enough said about ethics.
  5. Temple was founded as night college ( thus the wise Owl mascot) which for years gave colligate oppurtunties to a number of 
      Jewish and Black sudents. 
  6. When  in the last 20 years has an 8 win team been blocked from playing in a Bowl game at the end og their football seasonn?
The gang up on Temple smacks of an old time bigot. Nobody wants to vist this aspect of has transpired but it is a logical explanation of what took place. The NOVA's , St John's, Seton Hall's, Providence's, Notre Dame's, Marquette's and De Paul's
ganged together like the Tea Party to block addmission to play sports to a school with a differnt value set then theirs.
While in 2011 this is politically in correct to raise, it must in this case. The facts are there for all who open their eyes and take a look.

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Posted on: October 18, 2011 11:10 am

Boise, 3 more could get Big East invite next week

Whoa....this got REALLY deep REALLY fast.  Things on here always seem to turn into a race- or socioeconomic- laden debate.  The point is to trade points-of-view, not put each other down.

That said, no one on this planet can contend Temple will not contribute to the Big East's re-ascent, yet Houston and SMU will.  Granted, Houston wins football games. They're 6-0 presently, and were 8-5, 10-4, 9-7 in recent years and were ranked for a short stint.  But that 6-0 isn't exactly loaded with powerhouse football programs.  And before 2010, UH hadn't made the NCAA field in 18 years. 

SMU, well, SMU's integrity speaks for itself.

If someone, anyone can name a noted sports accomplishment of UCF, please be my guest.

If those schools get invites, then WHO KNOWS what the Big East's agenda is.  It's starting to look like a glorified mid-major.  The one thing that would be clear is that Temple's exclusion is based solely on Nova's reluctance in sharing the Philly market.  There is no other explanation.  There is no stronger voice in Big East sports than Rick Pitino, who vouched for Temple.  Plus, being a "poor man's school" is false, and moreover, totally beside the point.  Let's be real - half the schools in the Big East are in the hood. LOL.  And it doesn't exactly take a 2200 SAT to get into Rutgers, Hall, John's, NOVA, West Virginia, South Florida, Pitt, 'Nati, Houston, UCF, or SMU - to name a few.   That's not meant to be offensive to anyone, but it shows that Temple's location and image would be pretext for some other reason to exclude it from the Big East. 

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Posted on: October 18, 2011 9:29 am
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Posted on: October 17, 2011 10:03 pm

Boise, 3 more could get Big East invite next week

ok, as a rutgers alum i really want to see the big east survive.

with that said, im amazed by anyone who would not want temple to join back up....and this time in all sports. temple is in the heart of philly and has an emerging football program and already has a basketball program that can compete in the big east enough to be middle of the pack to start. combine that with playing at a stadium that seats over 50K people and a good coach and that is a recipe for success. they will make the MAC championship this year (most likely lose to toledo lol) and will make yet another bowl game. i feel as though they would be a great asset to the big east.

as for the other teams about to be included in the BEast, i have issues. this is the big EAST. i understand boise state is important in retaining our BCS berth and air force is a quality program also....thats fine. and navy is a natural rival with many teams already in the big east and has a load of tradition....great add. central florida is the third largest school in florida by enrollment (i believe, may be wrong) and has a great recruiting base and rival in south florida....great add. but southern methodist and houston? gtfo. no way they should be added and should really be persuaded to be the 11th and 12th team in the big 12 if they were smart.

who should the big east add as their 11th and 12th teams? east carolina and temple. if not temple then memphis. east carolina has already applied and they are a top 40 team every year and have matched up well with big programs. memphis is a huge asset in basketball and has an up and coming football program much like temple.

whatever happens, the big east needs to stop this football-only bullshit. i can see accepting air force and boise state for football only because i am pretty sure those programs wont want to fly their baseball teams across the country 12 times a year haha. but navy, ucf, ecu and temple (and maybe memphis)? they should be in all sports. make them feel included.

and when everyone else has 14 teams? make villanova move up and take massachusetts too (going to MAC in 2013).

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Posted on: October 17, 2011 8:49 am

Boise, 3 more could get Big East invite next week

Perhaps not, but if a conference needs more teams and there is a team in the 5th largest television market (the only Div 1 team in that market), who is on the rise, better than more than half the teams already in the conference, and in the traditional geographic area of that conference, and then denying them because they aren't good enough makes no sense.

And, again, people from Syracuse should not be talking.  The Orange have been as bad as Temple over the past decade, if not worse.

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Posted on: October 16, 2011 9:18 am

Boise, 3 more could get Big East invite next week

Yeah, and saying you're better than half of the Big East teams isn't saying much. 


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Posted on: October 16, 2011 1:40 am

Boise, 3 more could get Big East invite next week

Temple is better than at least half the teams in the Big East today.  They beat your 2010 champion in 2010.  How can adding a better team than most of what you have hurt the conference?  5th largest tv market in America today.  Your college is practically in Canada....what the hell do you know?

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Posted on: October 16, 2011 12:34 am

Boise, 3 more could get Big East invite next week

Do you people not get my point?

Here, let me put it in captial letters for you.


There, now do you understand?  

Adding Temple is a waste. Why add a program that won't help the Big East in football. 


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Posted on: October 15, 2011 10:40 pm

Boise, 3 more could get Big East invite next week

There is no way in hell the air force academy will move.  They are comfortable where they are.  As an employee of the AF I work with several former graduates and a few who have played collegiate sports there...they won't move, and they shouldn't.  Navy and Army on the other hand would be foolish to not move.  IF and this is a big if, the Big East keeps a BCS automatic bid and those two academies want some spotlight time other than the 1st weekend in december, this is there chance.  Get rid of the BCS and go to a tourney style playoff!  I haven't said it until now, but now it seems to be needed!

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Posted on: October 15, 2011 9:45 pm

Boise, 3 more could get Big East invite next week


Great response to Mike the Moron from Syracuse. He also fails to see that Villanowhere sabotaged Temple's bid to the Big East. They are afraid. Jay Wright is afraid...they are a Catholic school in the suburbs with little endowment and can't afford a step up to FBS competition without major economic input. It's just as well the Big East is becoming the Big Least. I can't wait until Boise State flies 2/3rds around the country for those conference games. SMU and Houston are Basketball powers so maybe their high powered new conference will bring them magical recruits. Guys like MikeSyr also think that Philly fans still throw snowballs at Santa and throw batteries at opposing players. The sheer ignorance of some of these people are amazing. When Pitino and Louisville pull out of town to the SEC or the ACC and the Big East loses its automatic bid (i can't wait), Temple will have gone on to a MAC championship, another bowl game and Addazio will get the credit he richly deserves...Perhaps by then, the ACC will want to court Temple and the Owls future will look even brighter when we watch the Big East (I mean DePaul and MArquette are so worthy of the big East?) implode. I say we continue to move forward. Fran Dunphy has the BBall team on the right path. I think we can beat Syracuse and the Jim Boeheim showtime extravaganza. 

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