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Big 12 commish: league will be 10 teams in 2012

Posted on: October 11, 2011 11:04 am
Edited on: October 11, 2011 11:21 am
Big 12 interim commissioner Chuck Neinas said Tuesday his league will give Missouri as much time as it needs – until the end of this academic year, if necessary – to make a decision whether to remain in the Big 12 or leave for the SEC. 

“There’s no timetable,” Neinas said. “Everything is in place. We’re preparing for 2012. We’ll see what occurs.”

Neinas said he has had recent decisions with SEC commissioner Mike Slive. Neinas said he told Slive “if you’re going to extend an invitation to Missouri please let me know.” 

Neinas also said no matter what decision Missouri makes, the Big 12 would be a 10-team league in 2012 - with Missouri and new member TCU

"If Missouri is going to change horses (conferences), it won't be for 2012 anyway," Neinas said.

Whether the Big 12 eventually grows to 12 teams, there has been no decision made, Neinas said. 

“There is no consensus from conference members on going to 10 or 12 members,” Neinas said.

Neinas added there was some support last month for staying at nine teams (if Missouri left for the SEC), but that was no longer the thinking about league members. 

“The idea (with or without Missouri) would be (for the Big 12 membership) 10 or 12 teams,” Neinas said. “It won’t be 16.”

The decision to expand to 12 would have a big impact on the Big East. Sources have told that Louisville is the top candidate of the Big 12 if the league adds one member and if it expands by more than one, West Virginia is another strong candidate. 

Neinas did not discuss any potential expansion candidates on Tuesday’s conference call.

He did say, however, that an Associated Press report that Missouri could make $12 million more annually in a 14-team SEC was not accurate. 

“They (a 14-team SEC) would have to increase their television revenue by $168 million,” Neinas said.

The Big 12’s interim commissioner said Missouri reacted “favorably” to the addition of TCU. He also added Texas will continue to have a nationally televised Thanksgiving game, but with Texas A&M gone to the SEC, the Longhorns’ opponent for future seasons has not been determined. It, in all likelihood, will not be against TCU, Neinas said.


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Posted on: October 13, 2011 1:04 pm

If and When Missouri leaves for the SEC

Which I believe they will

They will be in the SEC in 2012, Neinas is pathetic. 

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Posted on: October 13, 2011 12:40 pm
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Posted on: October 12, 2011 6:37 pm

Big 12 commish: league will be 10 teams in 2012

I agree-college football will keep changing; from teams to different conferences to the traditional uniforms gone in favor of "Oh My Gawd!  Those are frickin' ugly!"   (Thank you Mr Color Blind Fashion Plate Nike Owner).   But the kids like them (guess we didn't instill a sense of style correctly...

Missouri wants to leave - either to the Big 10 or the SEC.   THEY need to decide if they are going or not.   The Big12 should just kick them out; they hate Kansas, they hate Texas, they may have the rudest fans in the conference (sorry OU, you still have a lock on some of the biggest A-holes though, but your team gives them that right I guess).   Kick'em out.

As for the SEC - they apparently are working something behind the scenes for #14 so they don't seem too terribly quick to offer an invite; they obviously are wanting a bigger fish.   The SEC also knows they have to bring in TVs and fans; an contrary to those geographically challenged, Missouri doesn't "deliver" the St Louis and Kansas City markets - those are PRO markets (I lived in both through school and college, that's my opinion; talk through the weekend was how the Rams did or the Chiefs did, not the Tigers).   And Missouri has had a couple good years but is not a powerhouse.   I actually enjoy Missouri being highly ranked because my Pokes (OSU) beat them everytime they are so over-ranked (but conversely, they've done the same to us).

Bottom line - Big 12 needs to get Louisville in; not a huge replacement but affiliation with the Big 12 would eventually make them a complete competitive school and deliver a nice football and basketball market; and re-developing baseball market for college.   Cincinatti would also be in the same boat and deliver some of the Ohio players and could potentially develop Cincy to compete with Ohio St.    I don't like West Virginia in the mix; sorry.   There's a whole different conference awaiting for WV and ECU and CUSA remains that will become the new Big East or something.    The other school which I think needs to be added is Tulane.   Not a great athletic power, but bringing them into the B12 and giving that ripe New Orleans / S. Louisianna market a competitive home could propel that school also; and Tulane is a great academic school.   Maybe not immediately, but the addition of Louisville, Cincy, and Tulane in 5-10 years could be a cornerstone of great additions needed for the Big 12.   

Last Note: just to clarify, Missouri has to state by Dec 1st their intention to stay or go; if after - they still have to play 2012 in the B12.  If before, they can play 2012 in whatever conference they are (or are not) going to join.

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Posted on: October 12, 2011 3:01 pm

Big 12 commish: league will be 10 teams in 2012

Hey if the Big 12 adds WV to its conference then it could be Texas and WV in the Thanksgiving day football game, and WV can get rid of Pitt, or maybe Pitt can play Duke on Thanksgiving day,,lol, they might beat Duke, but you never know. If Syracuse plays anybody in football the other team should make sure the crew upstairs looking at replay get thick rim glasses along with the Ref's, Toledo got bushwhacked in that game. But again Texas and WV would draw a national audience of giant proportions for a Thanksgiving day game.

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Posted on: October 12, 2011 1:23 pm

Big 12 commish: league will be 10 teams in 2012

Missouri should stay, BIG  12 needs to add just Boise St and BYU and the league is strong. if theywant 14 then go get Lousiville and West virgina. As an ND fan I'm trying to feel my way thru what the Irish will do or be forced to do but I live in NJ and I feel for the Big East and I think a merger with the BiG12 might be a good move also. But adding BYU and Boise and keeping Missouri seems very realistic for the BIG 12.

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Posted on: October 12, 2011 11:47 am

SEC please add WVU as the 14th...

...Talk about a great football AND basketball program.  I would add some prestige to the conference for basketball and would make a great border battle with UK.  As for the Big XII - Stop diddling and add BYU and Louisville!  You can't make it with only 10.  Missouri - you are already in the best conference for your school's chances at a BCS game so don't mess it up.  Sorry Big LEast, you lose out in Football.

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Posted on: October 12, 2011 11:42 am

Big 12 commish: league will be 10 teams in 2012

I would be in favor of seeing the Red River Rivalry being played on Thanksgiving Day.  But the revenue factor of that game would probably keep it at a different date than the rivalry weekend.  As a means of keeping them from jumping ship to the SEC, why not offer the Tigers the option of a multi year Thanksgiving Day game with the Longhorns?  With the Horned Frogs coming into the league, the decision of the Aggies to depart looks like a really bad decision.

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Posted on: October 12, 2011 11:19 am

Big 12 commish: league will be 10 teams in 2012

It's not about what team fits better in the conference or gives them more strenght as a football conference, it's about money.  WV doesn't bring with it a TV market that's all that big or one the SEC doesn't have it's fingers in already.  Missouri on the other hand would give the SEC access to the St. Louis and Kansas City markets which it currently has no connection with.  This would allow them a bigger TV contract and more money and in the end, this is all they care about.  They could care less about the match up of KY-WV in basketball, that won't generate money.  Traditional rivalries are being thrown out the window, ie, TX-TXA&M, for the pursuit of money.  What appears to be keeping this form happening, and I don't think it will by the way, is Ala/Aub don't won't them in for the very reason you mentioned and too many of the schools don't want to realign.  However, money drives it all and what fans want doesn't seem to matter sadly, so anything could happen.

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Posted on: October 12, 2011 10:33 am

Big 12 commish: league will be 10 teams in 2012

if the SEC really wanted to add a school that could actually add to the strength of the conference, they wouldnt even be considering missouri, west virginia would be the choice, and by adding missouri, the SEC must split up the alabama teams by sending auburn to the east, which would end alot of yearly rivalries between auburn and teams like arkansas, lsu, and mississippi st, if they add west virginia the mountaineers would fit perfectly into the east, so im still not quite understanding why we are still talking about missouri when west virginia would be a much better addition, not to mention what west virginia could bring to the SEC in basketball, the Kentucky-WV would be a must see game every year and would probably develop into a nice rivalry, plus there just isnt enough room for 3 tigers in the SEC

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