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BYU doesn't deserve automatic BCS access - yet

Posted on: July 12, 2011 4:10 pm
Edited on: July 12, 2011 5:58 pm
PROVO, Utah - Since BYU joined the indepedent ranks, should the Cougars now receive automatic access to a BCS bowl like Notre Dame?

BYU athletic director Tom Holmoe says not yet.

“I don’t think we deserve the same access as Notre Dame,” Holmoe said. “I don’t. I just have an incredible amount of respect for Notre Dame. What they have accomplished over decades and decades. I’m not talking 20-30 years, I’m talking about 100.

“The BCS folks brought them in at even keel and I agree with that. They belong. It’s their responsibility once they’re there to continue to be good.”

Leaving the Mountain West should give the Cougars a better shot at reaching a BCS bowl, though, Holmoe said.

“You have to start winning games,” Holmoe said. “TCU, Boise State and Utah – as hard as it is for me to say that – they’ve earned respect of the nation by going to BCS games and winning. I think if we play well – we’re going to have a better schedule now than in the Mountain West – if we can be undefeated with our schedule, we’ll be in a BCS game.”

The Cougars are one of only seven Football Bowl Subdivision programs to win 10 or more games in at least four of the past five seasons. But that won’t mean anything from here on out: especially with future schedules featuring games against Texas, Ole Miss, Utah, Oregon State, Notre Dame, Georgia Tech and West Virginia.

“If we win, we’ll get noticed and we’ll earn people’s respect and people will take notice,” Holmoe said. “I think we belong in a BCS conference, but I’m not going to kick anybody out and we haven't been invited. There’s reasons we haven’t been invited.”


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Posted on: July 14, 2011 9:37 pm

Oh Contrare......

On what grounds do any of the Non-AQ's get discriminated against by the BCS?  What is the BCS anyway (rhetoric)?  It is really either an illegal cratel designed to eliminate competition or it isn't.  But it certainly shouldn't be based on geography or religious bigotry.  Why not BYU and why shouldn't it have a seat at the BCS table like Notre Dame or any major (FBS) college football program?  In a world where the game changed by television dramatically in the early 1970's, much of the games popularity is directly owed to non-other than BYU.  But regardless of those facts, let's simply assume that BCS quality programs are to be determined on the basis of fan appreciation and attendence, pretty good indicators of program power.

If you were to arbitrarily state that "Program Size" should be a principle criteria for BCS inclusion then how come Connecticut, Louisville, South Florida and Duke, Mississippi State, Old Miss, Oregon, Oregon State, Arizona, Kansas, Oklahoma State, West Virginia, Virginia, Stanford, Minnesota, Indiana or Syracuse over BYU.  Many of those programs play in smaler venues in front of fewer fans.  New PAC-12 member UTAH has yet to sell out it's 45,000 seat stadium three consecutive years in a row. TTDS (the team down south - BYU) was averaging 45,000 fans a game back in 1975 when Gifford Neilson was still tossing pigs in Provo. 

BYU has averaged about 64,000 fans a game (mostly sellouts) since 1982.  They play in the 35th largest stadium in the nation and last year ranked as the 27th in attendence, ahead of 41 other BCS programs.  They regularly appear in the Top 25, and BYU has compiled the 10th best W-L record in the nation over the last 35 years.  BYU is 4-2 in their last six bowl games...this is by no means a SMALL program and hasn't been for 4 decades.  ESPN didn't just agree to an eight year partnership with BYU because it likes Mormons.

If you are measuring BYU against say USC or Notre Dame, well then the Cougar Program is going to fall a little short.  It is not quite as big.  But when measuing BYU gainst other programs of similar rise and historical tradition, the Cougars come off looking pretty good.  Pen State and Florida became national powers at precisely the same time as BYU.  EVERY BIG-EAST TEAM except West Virginia is smaller than BYU.   BYU is by far a much bigger and mosre successful franchise than most BCS members.  One comment from a Wisconsin Badger fan suggests BYU doesn't belong.  I have read other comments on the same subject elsewhere from fans at Oklahoma, Texas, and Texas A&M.  Well when those four schools combined eventully get a 2nd win against BYU, (BYU is 7-1 in the past two decades against them) let me know.  Only Texas A&M has ever even defeated BYU, yet those four programs are considered bastions of BCS power. 

My suggestion is that the BCS is really what Utah AG Shurtleff says it is, a money grabbing anti-competitive cartel that restrains free trade.  It would not bother me a bit to see ALL NON-AQ's be granted damages following a finding of fact that the BCS is in fact primarily BC.

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Posted on: July 14, 2011 6:41 pm

BYU doesn't deserve automatic BCS access - yet

Cycleon--Archaic rules?  According to - "Mormonism is the fastest growing faith group in American history according to "U.S. News & World Report, which reports that if present trends continue there could be 265 million members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) worldwide by 2080."   

The link is here “



If no one wanted to live by the rules then why would the LDS Faith have such large amount of growth.  I have lived by the standards of the world and the standards of the LDS Faith and I would pick living by the standards of the LDS Faith every day and twice on sundays.  I love how people always bring up these things in a sports related blog.

With that said...BYU did the right thing by going independent because they wanted more exposure and exposure they are getting.  They wanted to control their own destiny with no conference affiliation.  I also have to laugh that these fans of Wisconsin and Georgia state that they are BYU is not popular.



Please look at this site that lists the membership of the LDS faith per state.  I would be safe to say that 50% of the people in those states are BYU fans.  We will consistently bring 25-35k to any away game because people want to see BYU in person.  As well with ESPN showing the games more people outside of the state of Utah will be able to see them play.  BYU is going to be just fine for many years to come.  All they have to do is shut up and play some good football so people will start to notice.

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Posted on: July 14, 2011 3:32 pm

BYU doesn't deserve automatic BCS access - yet

Holmoe said they are not a popular team? And that they aren't popular because they have archaic rules?
Thier archaic rules suggests they're clearly not concerned about popularity, so keep cheering for your annual powerhouse Georgia...Oh, wait.

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Posted on: July 14, 2011 3:23 pm

BYU doesn't deserve automatic BCS access - yet

Holmoe is missing the point.  The ONLY reason BYU left the MWC is because Utah joined the Pac-10.  That's it - they weren't considering leaving the MWC before that.  Plus, they are the reason the MWC was formed in the first place...because of the 'complaint' of 16 teams in the original WAC.  This is all a joke.  Exposure on ESPN is one thing...but how can they say they have a better shot at a BCS game when the MWC was represented FOUR TIMES since '04?

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Posted on: July 14, 2011 3:06 pm

BYU doesn't deserve automatic BCS access - yet

It is too bad that BYU, Utah, and TCU are all either leaving or have already left the MWC, because those teams, along with Boise State, Air Force, and San Diego State would have definitely given the MWC a legitimate argument for an automatic BCS berth.  The problem is that being an independent like Notre Dame gives them too much of an advantage in terms of the qualifications for a berth.  They could probably lose like 3 or 4 games and still have a chance of getting into a BCS game, and I think that is ludicrous.  Looking at BYU's schedule this year, there is no way that they should even be in the conversation for a BCS game, barring an undefeated season.  Just so everyone can see it, here is the schedule:

Ole Miss- one of the worst teams in the SEC, right down there with Vanderbilt.

Texas- just came off a 5-7 season, not a marquee game like it would have been a couple years ago.

Utah- a rivalry game, so of course it's going to be played every year.

Central Florida- decent, but not great.

Utah State- a rivalry game, but Utah State has been terrible for as long as I can remember.

San Jose State- garbage

Oregon State- pretty much on level with Central Florida

Idaho State- seriously, you could schedule anyone you want, and you picked a non-FBS team?  Give me a break.

TCU- probably the best opponent on the schedule

This is where it really gets good:

Idaho- awful

New Mexico State- the worst

Hawaii- terrible

Seriously, half of your schedule is made up of the bottom of the barrel from the WAC or non-FBS teams.

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Posted on: July 14, 2011 10:42 am

BYU doesn't deserve automatic BCS access - yet

I think that Holmoe made a very accurate assessment.  BYU is nowheres near Notre Dame's stature.  They are not a popular team, nor is the school very popular with most fans because of their archaic rules.  Their schedule is a bit of a test this season.  They open at Mississippi, the team picked by most to finish dead last in the SEC West.  Then they go to Texas, which should be a test.  They get 4 straight at home, including Utah, who will be coming off an away game at USC, and UCF, who loses 7 on defense.  Their other away games are at Oregon State, TCU, and Hawaii.  Playing patsies like Utah State, San Jose State, Idaho State, Idaho, and New Mexico State, all at home, certainly does not help their SOS.  I think that BYU is going to have to win 11 games to have a chance at a BCS game.  If not, they will be stuck in the Armed Forces Bowl.  BYU took a major gamble by going independent, and that gamble will come back to haunt them.

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Posted on: July 14, 2011 9:47 am

BYU doesn't deserve automatic BCS access - yet

To Alexr29:

Your elitist comments are lame!!!!

"Join a freakin' conference if you want a BCS berth"????

Yes, I can't believe BYU just doesn't up and join the Big 10 of its own accord so that it can have BCS access.  I mean how stupid can they be?!!!!  


Notre Dame has a standing invitation to join the Big 10.  Criticize their resistence to joining a BCS conference if you want.  BYU would join yesterday.

BYU is NOT going to get anywhere by staying in the MWC.  In fact, one major benefit to becoming independent is so that BYU can play a schedule filled with more BCS conference teams and get more ESPN exposure.  Perhaps if successful enough in this state, a BCS conference will come calling.

In fact, BYU is doing everything they can to join a conference that has the same BCS access as your Badgers.

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Posted on: July 13, 2011 11:36 am

BYU doesn't deserve automatic BCS access - yet

BYU's schedule is already harder than Notre Dame's.  If they finish 10-2 and better than ND, they deserve the de facto independent slot.   

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Posted on: July 13, 2011 1:52 am

BYU doesn't deserve automatic BCS access - yet

In all honesty, no conference should get an automatic BCS berth. Why should an 8-4 UConn team ranked 25th in the country be in a big money game while other one and two loss teams ranked much higher are left out (Boise State, Nevada, OK State, Alabama, Michigan State, LSU, etc.). IMO the BCS should include the ten best teams, regardless of conference affiliation, with a limit placed on the number of teams per conferce (probably at 2 or 3) to prevent one or two conferences from hoarding all the money. Personally, I am getting sick of watching low-ranked Big East and ACC teams lose these big games every year. There is at least one snoozer of a game every year in the BCS and it it because they let these underdeserving teams play with the big boys. Obviously removing automatic bids would mean that better conferences like the Big Ten, Big 12, SEC, or Pac-12 could potentially be left out as well, but if they can't get a team into the top 10, then they don't deserve a bid anyway. I don't think it will ever happen, but it would be nice to see the BEST teams duke it out, regardless of conference affiliation.

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Posted on: July 12, 2011 10:33 pm

BYU doesn't deserve automatic BCS access - yet

Memo to Holmoe: LOL. Yea, NO independent deserves an auto bid. You guys started the whole BCS thing in motion with your NC title for 1984.

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